Maintaining Public Trust: Ethics in Nonprofit Organizations

As stewards of public trust and public money, nonprofits are often subject to public scrutiny as evidenced in this CNN article on America’s worst charities.

Although the list is an inaccurate representation of most nonprofits’ practices, according to the AFP’s official response, the article can still serve as a jumping off point for an always important topic: ethics. Even if these 50 worst charities are extreme examples, they are a reminder that public stewards must strive to maintain integrity and uphold moral conduct.

Here are resources and articles to help keep your organization and career on the up and up:

Establishing Ethical Practices and Procedures

Enforcing Ethics’ Policies and Correcting Problems

Note: This article, written by NRC Coordinator Alyssa Dossett, was originally published in the August issue of AFP Eastern Oklahoma's News Raiser.

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