Misunderstood Monsters

Ah, October! This is the time of year when it's socially acceptable to talk about monsters with children. Good thing there are plenty of excellent monster books to share with them! 

On the non-scary, funny side of the monster book spectrum, "Quit Calling Me a Monster" by John Jory and illustrated by the genius Bob Shea should be at the top of your list for read-alouds.

The issue at hand is one that most people can identify with: the frustration of when you want to be known in one way ("Elaine, who likes to swim") but others insist on classifying you in another way ("Bobby's sister who cried on the first day of school"). It's quite annoying when an old identity - or one that you don't find all that important - is all that you are known as.

You see, Floyd Peterson knows you think he's a monster. But he's NOT. Well, he has monster qualities, but he's so much more than that! He is polite, and he is in your closet, not to eat you, but to be your friend.

School Library Journal, which gives it a starred review, concludes: "A perfect choice for a rollicking read-aloud, library collections, and picture book fans everywhere."

Keep your monsters entertained with this monstrously entertaining book! (And while you're at it, check out everything you can illustrated or written/illustrated by Bob Shea. Maybe he doesn't want to be identified this way, but he really is a genius!)

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