Municipal Elections / Nonpartisan Races


Today is the filing deadline for the June 11 Tulsa municipal primary election. At this time, 5 candidates have filed for Tulsa Mayor -- Dewey Bartlett, Jerry DeWayne Branch, Bill Christiansen, Lawrence Kirkpatrick and Kathy Taylor. In the Tulsa City Council races incumbents Jeannie Cue (District 2), Phil Lakin (District 8) and Karen Gilbert (District 5) have each filed to retain their seats. One democrat, John Bomar, and five (f) republicans have filed to vie for Fred Perry's seat in County Commission District 3 -- Don Crall, Brandon Perkins, Ron Peters, and John Wright.  Filers for City Auditor are incumbent Clift Richards, Cathy Criswell and Josh Lewis.

For those that might not remember, Tulsans voted for a charter change making municipal elections nonpartisan, a.k.a. no party affiliation listed and no single-party primary. So, how will this new, nonpartisan election work? The 2 candidates with the most votes on June 11 will advance to the November 12 general election. The exception is if one of the candidates carries a simple majority (51%) on June 11; that person will be declared Mayor and will be sworn-in in December. 

The election for District 3 County Commission is still a partisan race.  Whichever Republican wins the June 11 primary will advance to the November 12 general election to face Democrat John Bomar. If a run off is required, it wil be help August 13, 2013.

Does it all sound confusing? It is, a bit. No worries though. Check back on June 12 for the election results.