National Doughnut Day

Salvation Army War Cry Cover

It's the first Friday in June, which also means it's National Doughnut Day.

What do doughnuts have to do with government documents? Well, as it turns out, a little... during WWI Salvation Army volunteers would hand out doughnuts (donuts) to America's war weary GIs. At the time doughnuts were considered a European Delicacy.

In 1938, Chicago's Salvation Army declared National Doughnut Day and sold doughnuts to raise funds for the local Salvation Army (this tradition continues today) and as a tribute to the "dough lassies" as the doughnut bestowing volunteers were known. The practice of giving doughnuts to GIs continued through WWII and even bore connections in Vietnam when POWs conviced their North Vietnamese captors to recognize National Doughnut Day and provide the American soldiers with sweet, fried pastries.

OK, so it might be a stretch to draw correlations between troop morale, doughnuts and government documents. It might be easier to confess that though this gov docs librarian has never suffered anything as horrendous as trench warfare or a North Vietnamese prison camp, a doughnut is always a welcomed addition to my day and has often gotten me through many a taxing morning at the reference desk.

Today only, in celebration of National Doughnut Day, Krispy Kreme at 10128 East 71st Street, Tulsa will give you a doughnut!