New In The Digital Collections: April 2018 Update

means residence on 18th





Means Residence On 18th


In April 2018, TCCL uploaded 103 items into the Digital Collections. There are now approximately 38,671 items in the Digital Collections.  Art Work of Tulsa, Oklahoma was added. This 1920 publication is a pictorial history showing images of places and buildings, mainly homes, in Tulsa at that time. Images of homes are annotated with the names of the homeowners. A typed list that was likely created by library staff or volunteers is included and provides addresses associated with the homeowner names. According to the list, many of the homes were located in Maple Ridge area. Keep in mind that addresses do change and that this is an old list. Addresses have not been checked for accuracy.

Please note that access to some items may be restricted to in-library use due to copyright concerns. The full text of restricted items is not available online. To view these items, you can visit the Research Center at Central Library, contact, or call 918-549-7323. For more information on copyright decisions, please see our Digital Collections home page.


For more information on Tulsa and Oklahoma history resources at Central Library, please visit the guide. 

For information on house, building, and neighborhood histories in Tulsa, please visit the guide.


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