New Oklahoma Laws

oklahoma seal

November 1 is often the day the Oklahoma Legislature designates as first day in effect for new Oklahoma laws. On Friday, 241 laws that came out of our last legislative session will go into effect.

Here are some highlights of the 241 newly effective laws. For more, see Monday's article from the Tulsa World.

  • Increase in the fees for driver's licenses. Class D driver's licenses will increase by $12, bringing the total cost to $33.50 for a four-year license. Senate Bill 652
  • Allows use surveillance cameras in nursing homes. Cameras could be placed in a room only by the resident or the resident's representative. Senate Bill 587
  • Allows licensed brewers to serve free samples of beer produced by them to visitors 21 years old or older, with a maximum amount of 12 ounces a day to individual visitors. House Bill 1341
  • Allows residential-based businesses that sell less than $200,000 of a product annually to be exempt from licensing requirements of the Oklahoma State Department of Health. The food must be a baked good that does not contain meat products or fresh fruit. House Bill 1094
  • Allows horse slaughter facilities to be built in Oklahoma. House Bill 1999

This search returns results from the 2013 session law with the keywords November 1, 2013: