A New Twist on "BFF"

Quick: do you always agree with your best friend? Are you similar in every single way and never have a difference of opinion or approach to a situation? No and no? Welcome to the real world.

...And the out-of-this-world of the picture book "Best Frints in the Whole Universe" by Antoinette Portis, a futuristic tale that explores the conflict side of friendship. Yelfred and Omek, unidentified creatures from the planet Boborp, are "best frints" but don't always see eye to eye... particularly when sharing is required.

The inventive language and energetic will delight preschoolers and young school-aged children, who may be inspired to create new words for common objects.

Like "We Found a Hat" by Jon Klassen, this picture book sensitively explores the theme of negotiating the at-times rocky terrain of frintship - er, friendship - that should spark a thoughtful discussion with your child. 

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