The Next Four Years

seal of the president


Yesterday, January 21, was inauguration day (at least the public's inauguration day). Presidential historian Richard Norton Smith adequately dubbed it "the high holy day of our civic religion." I for one spent my entire Monday reveling in our civic religion. If you were unable to spend your day glued to the telly watching the inaugural events don’t despair; you can access photos, speeches and highlights of the day at

Now, that the festivities are over (with the exception of a prayer service this morning) the President gets back to work, and what a year it will likely prove to be. The President offered a broad but bold plan in his inauguration speech with frequent use of the word "together." In the coming months, President Obama will need to work with Congress to craft a federal budget, make spending cuts, find long-term deficit solutions, implement major portions of the Affordable Care Act; tackle immigration reform, gay rights, equal pay for equal work, gun control and more. I can't imagine what would possess a person to take on the burden of running a country, but I can understand the great joy that must come from positively impacting the lives of Americans. I wish the President and Vice President all the luck and hope they find the strength to steer us through the next four years. I also wish that Congress will do their best to work with the President for the good of the country. And I will bow to the altar of our civic religion any chance I get by participating through voting and by writing, phoning or emailing my lawmakers to offer feedback on the job their doing for me (and you).

Here's to another four years!!