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Searching for Grants

New to grant-seeking? Start with the Non-Profit Resource Center's guide. It's got tips, strategies, and links to our Non-Profit book collection.  And don't miss the round-up of free online educational opportunities.

New Integrated Health Clinic Planned for Downtown.

The University of Tulsa's Oxley College of Health Sciences will open this coming January  in its new home downtown at 12th and Boulder, TU announced last week.  The first floor will include a walk-in clinic, serving medical, mental health, and legal needs. The College of Law will provide the legal clinic while the Oxley College will offer primary care, exercise, wellness, and behavioral health help.


New to grant-seeking?  In need of some advice, tips and tricks?  Check out 4Good's free webinar "How to Find Grants" next Wednesday, September 2.  Mark Goldstein will cover how to organize your search, identify and assess prospects, as well as creative places to look.

Community Resilience Speakers Bureau

Does your organization want to know more about resilience, sustainability, or safe rooms?  Tulsa Partners, Inc has launched a Community Resilience Speakers Bureau to help you find expert presenters in these topics and more, from construction to diversity outreach.  Check out their site or call Tim Lovell at 918-632-0044.

Giving USA 2015

Benefactor, a consulting firm for non-profits, has published its report on U.S. giving patterns from 2014. Check it out, request  free print of the eye-catching graphics, and have a look at their other free resources.