Now that school is out, I want to take my kids to some of the museums around town. Does the library have a list of the ones in the Tulsa area?

Yes, we do. You can find a list of local museums, as well as parks, swimming pools, and camps in our Tulsa Organizations and Services (or TOS) database. This database is a wealth of information on local groups, nonprofits, government agencies, professional associations, clubs, and more, and covers the cities within Tulsa County as well as a few other nearby areas. In most entries, TOS includes info such as address and phone numbers, links to outside websites, and brief descriptions of each group or organization and what they have to offer. You can find TOS in the Research tab of the library’s home page.

To find a list of museums, simply go to the database’s main page and do a subject search for ‘museums‘. If you are looking for a particular museum (or other organization), you can also search for it specifically by name.

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