The Plus Side of Making Mistakes

"The Book of Mistakes" by Corinna Luyken - reviewed by Melody Palmer, Youth Librarian, South Broken Arrow Library

Are mistakes bad? How can mistakes turn into something lovely?

"It started with one mistake." The opening words of this book set the stage for how a little girl's drawing evolves through a series of "mistakes." This book highlights how something that might look like a mistake can actually be a purposeful addition to make the end result more interesting and visually exciting. Often we get so caught up in perfection, that the process of creation - so often messy and imperfect - is hindered. Mistakes give us all opportunities to explore creative ways of dealing with changes or setbacks. This is a useful ability to have as we grow up and encounter a wide variety of differences, whether they are mistakes or intentional.

I highly recommend this book to parents and children. I think both will enjoy it because the art is fun, quirky, imaginative, and full of mistakes... just like real life.


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