Reading is a Dialogue!

When is reading...MORE than reading? When it's a conversation!

Reading and literacy research supports reading books aloud to children as more than just reading the words on a page. Instead, when parents and educators use reading aloud as an entry point into talking with kids about ideas, experiences, and emotions, literacy development increases...and it can be great fun, to boot!

(You haven't lived until you've listened to a 3-year-old tell you about what you might be able to find in outer space - or an 8-year-old explain his philosophy about animals dreaming.)

Whether you ascribe to an "in the moment" approach to dialogic reading or a more studied methodology, the idea is to get kids responding verbally to books, which will only strengthen them as learners and explorers of the world.

You can find excellent video examples of dialogic reading in action at the Center to Mobilize Early Childhood Knowledge,

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