Reading the Season by Rebecca Howard

Last year I started a tradition with my (then) 2-year-old niece, Scarlett. Her Christmas Eve gift from us would be a new pair of pajamas, hot chocolate, and 1 or 2 seasonal stories for bedtime.  I wanted to give her a tradition that she could always associate with warmth, family, and reading.  I had a wonderful time exploring all of the holiday picture books last year—many of which I remembered from my own childhood. 

She’s still a little too young for this one, but The Polar Express is a favorite tradition among many families.  Of course, many of us still read The Night Before Christmas or Dickens’s A Christmas Carol every year.  Personally, my December is never complete without listening to Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris.  

I recently completed a personalized reading guide for a customer using our “Your Next Great Read” service.  This particular reader wanted me to suggest some seasonal titles that were heartwarming, comforting, and/or humorous.  This was a really fun list to create, because it reminded me of the variety of holidays stories out there— from classics like Alcott’s Little Women and Capote’s A Christmas Memory as well as more contemporary, quirky titles like Sedaris’ Holidays on Ice and Wade Rouse’s It’s All Relative.

If you’re looking to cozy up to a seasonal read, check out this list.  Even better, create your own list of your favorite reads for Hanukah, Christmas, Kwanza, Solstice, or the New Year.  And, if you’d like your very own personalized reading guide, try out Your Next Great Read.  Take a survey about your reading preferences and interests, and a librarian will suggest some additional authors and titles that you might enjoy.  Happy Reading! 

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