Research Redesign--Take Our Survey!

The Research Center of the Tulsa City-County Library has embarked on a project to develop the services of this department to better meet the needs of our community. 

Today we ask for your participation via this survey so that we might gain a better understanding of your needs and/or those of your organization, clients and customers. 

For this project, the library is using a design process for creating positive social change in the Tulsa community called Human Centered Design. 

Human Centered Design begins from deep empathy and understanding of the needs and motivations of the people who will use your resources and tools. It is:

*Collaborative – several great minds are always stronger when solving a challenge than just one.

*Optimistic – we can all create change.

*Experimental – having the confidence that new, better things are possible and we can make them happen.

To begin the survey, visit...

The survey will close on July 15, 2014.  

Thank you for your time and valuable feedback!


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