Review of Conception by Alicia

Conception by Kalisha Buckhanon is the moving tale of Shivana Montgomery. Fifteen years old, pregnant by a much older married man, and struggling to make her way in a world she isn’t mature enough to fully comprehend, Shivana makes her way through life’s many challenges. Her mother Annette loves her, but is verbally and physically abusive. The brightest light in this story is her powerful and supportive aunt Jewel. But Shivana’s unborn child wants desperately to be born. Told from the perspectives of both Jewel and her unborn girl child, the reader is taken on a journey back through time to the baby’s previous mothers, all of whom met tragic deaths. Will the never born girl child be given a chance at life, or will the swirling waters of generational fate once again claim her? Full of descriptive and lyrical writing, this story brings the reader face to face with what it means to be an inner- city girl with problems that come as a direct result of her own life choices. For good or bad, Shivana’s story will affect the reader long after the final page is turned. ');


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