The Right to Play

Not only is playing an inherently joyful activity, there are countless research studies proving that play has rich cognitive benefits and will support your child's intellectual growth.

It's also a human right! While on the surface it might seem ridiculous to lump making a LEGO pirate ship or using a scarf to play peek-a-boo with having access to clean water, "The Right to Play" is important enough to be codified in the Universal Declaraion of Human Rights (Article #24).

The library is eager to support learning through play. Many of our branches offer regular "Stay and Play" sessions where parents and children are encouraged to play together using developmentally appropriate toys (offered by the library) in a social setting.

Some library locations - particularly the Hardesty Regional Library, the Herman and Kate Kaiser Library, the Martin Regional Library, and the Owasso Library - also have toy areas in the children's areas and check out toys to be played with inside the library.

Children's librarians are also a great resource to give you ideas of how to get the most out of play activities with your baby, toddler, or young child - simply ask!

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