So, it's 9:30 pm and your teenager has just decided to start algebra homework, a process which always involves you, and you're too tired to help. Fear not, weary parent, for we have the solution!

The new Homework Help Now! database, debuting on November 1, can connect your little mathematicians with a live tutor who can help them with their algebra (or chemistry or geometry or biology or writing or social studies or physics, etc)! A student can either request generic help with their homework or they can narrow in on specific concepts, e.g. solving linear equations. The tutor and student not only share a whiteboard on which they can both type and draw, they can also exchange files and even speak with each other if the student has a microphone. Live tutors are available everyday from 2 pm – 11 pm CST. (Ayuda con la tarea también está disponible en español!)


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