Standpipe Hill and Tulsa's Early Fire Department Infrastructure

standpipe hill map

Every year, the Research Center receives questions about Tulsa's Standpipe HIll.  Here are a couple of of our frequently asked questions and the answers:

 How tall was the standpipe?

A 11/15/1904 Tulsa Daily Democrat article states that the standpipe would be an imposing structure of 100 feet from base to top.

How tall was the hill?

A National Board of Fire Underwriters Committee map shows that the hill was 902 feet tall in 1922. 

The 1922 map was part of an overall assessment of Tulsa's fire department infrastructure and recommendations to improve the system in the growing city. It includes detailed information on early fire equipment and street alarm boxes, city water consumption statistics, and locations and sizes of pipes and hydrants.

If you haven't had a chance to walk up the remains of Standpipe Hill, it's not a bad view of downtown. You''ll  find historic images of the view and the hill in the Beryl Ford Collection online. More recent images are available  from one of our local history bloggers, Tulsa Gal, and an article describing some of the hill's history is available from This Land Press.





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