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The Lion and the Mouse

The Hennipen County in Library gives us not just a great list of picture books, but hints on how to share those books with your child. Try something new to keep reading time fresh and exciting. Here is one suggestion from the website:

Pinkney, Jerry. The Lion & the Mouse

Tips for sharing:
Can a book without text help us learn to read? It can! In this vivid retelling of the Aesop fable, Jerry Pinkney’s illustrations lead us into, and show us, the story. Story watchers, both children and caregivers, can talk about what’s happening in the pictures as the mouse, running from an owl, finds herself in the clutches of a surprised lion. The lion’s act of mercy and the brave mouse’s loyalty result in an adventure that the mouse can tell her family (with the help of a souvenir). Not only can pre-readers practice their narrative skills, but squeaks and roars in the illustrations provide opportunity to develop phonological sensitivity. This book won a Caldecott medal for its expressive and beautifully naturalistic illustrations.

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