Storm Shelters


The library often receives calls from patrons looking for refuge from oncoming weather; we have to tell them that there are no official public shelters in Tulsa. (reference articles: or

Residents are encouraged to make a plan. and offer a variety of resources to help you and your family make plan for tornadoes or other natural disaster or weather event.

If you are considering adding a storm shelter to your property, here are 2 resources to help. Do note that some communities require or strongly encourage registering your storm shelter; this is to aid first responders in locating you after a storm

A few other things to remember...

  • Tornado Watch is issued when weather conditions favor the formation of tornadoes, for example, during a severe thunderstorm.
  • Tornado Warning is issued when a tornado funnel is sighted or indicated by weather radar.
  • If a tornado warning has been issued put on good shoes, put on your bike or other helmet, and find the safest spot in your home or business (this usually is the interior part of a basement. If there is no basement, go to an inside room, without windows, on the lowest floor. This could be a center hallway, bathroom, or closet).
  • Be alert and stay safe.