Talking Points: Why This Summer, You Should Have a Conversation

Summers with kids are not always cheap. Even a trip to the swimming pool, when you add the costs of bathing suits, sunscreen, towels, and snacks, can give your wallet a wallop.

Fortunately, you have an ace in your summer entertainment pocket. Yes, the library, but one more as well: talking.

Talking with your children is the cheapest children's entertainment (besides going to the library!) you will find this summer. The even better news is that this no-cost activity will also directly support your child's brain development and language learning. As research study after research study has shown, the more you talk with babies and young children, the faster they will begin to understand words. And the more you talk with older children, the deeper their thinking will become and the more they will want to learn.

Here are a few topics to talk about with your kids this summer:

  • Your favorite places you went or things you did in the summer when YOU were a kid. For older children, get out a map or check out a book about that place from the library to help add detail to your stories.
  • If you could be a fish or a lion, which would you be?
  • List all of the things you see in your child's closet. Extra points for picking some objects up and describing them in detail. (This one is particularly good for babies, but you might be surprised at how enthusiastic older children can be to catalog their closet possessions!)
  • What do dogs dream about? (Bonus: if you have a family dog, ask specifically what [Boomer/Peanut/Zipper] dreams about.)
  • Describe your favorite meal in the entire world.


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