Is there a way I can keep track of the library items I've checked out in the past?

If you've ever been in the situation of trying to think of the name of that great book or movie you got from the library a while back, but just couldn't remember the title, then we have a resource that can help. When you log into your library account online, there is a feature you can activate that will keep a list of the items you have checked out and returned. This feature is called Recently Returned, and can be found when you log into your account on the library's website.

To log into your account, just click on the MY TCCL tab or go to Log In on the top right of the library's home page. If this is your first time to log into your account online, you will be prompted to input an email address and your birth date, as well as create a username. Once you have done this, you will be given the option to enable the Recently Returned service before proceeding. If this is not your first time to log in, and you skipped this prompt the first time around, don't worry, you can still activate the feature. Just go to the MY TCCL tab and select Recently Returned in the drop down menu, and click on the Enable box. Now your account will remember those items that you've checked out and turned in.

PLEASE NOTE: The Recently Returned service is not retroactive, so it will only begin tracking the items that you check in after the date on which you activate the service, and will do so for as long as you keep the service enabled. Unfortunately, it won't have a record of the items you've checked out before activation, so be sure to get it started right away!

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