Tulsa City Council Approves Capital Improvements Package

tulsa city council

Last night, after much community involvement and feedback, the Tulsa City Council passed a $918.7 million bond package. The package, which will be included on the November 12 ballot, now awaits voter approval.

Information about the proposal is available at the the City of Tulsa website and here are the propsal details as reported by the Tulsa World:

Sales tax proposition

Tax: 1.1 percent (extends third-penny and 0.167-cent taxes)

Funding: $563.7 million

Timing: From July 1, 2014, until the amount is raised (estimated 6 to 6 1/2 years), but no later than 7 years

Projects: $299.2 million for arterial street repair, widening, public transit and bike/pedestrian infrastructure; $264.5 million for other capital projects

Bond proposition

Funding: $355 million

Timing: 5 years

Projects: $275 million for nonarterial street repairs; $80 million for arterials