Tulsa Office Architecture: Past To Present

The Tulsa Foundation for Architecture (TFA) is excited to announce two upcoming events this weekend, both showcasing some of Tulsa's historic architecture. TFA has joined with TYPros in an effort to support their co-working event by closing the night with a gallery exhibit. In addition, the TFA's monthly Second Saturday architectural tour continues this weekend offering a look into Tulsa's past.
Beginning Friday, March 7th, Tulsa Foundation for Architecture will curate a gallery exhibit in conjunction with the TYPros co-working event at the Universal Ford Building at 223 North Main. Entitled “Tulsa Works: Tulsa’s Office Architecture from Past to Present” the exhibit will feature original drawings and renderings of some of Tulsa’s historic office buildings and spaces. The gallery will be open from 6pm to 10pm and will coincide with Tulsa Works 2014, an all day Brady Arts District co-working event geared towards individuals and organizations interested in experiencing what a true co-working environment can be for Tulsa. 
The events continue on Saturday March 8th, as TFA hosts its monthly downtown architecture tour Second Saturday. This tour begins at Topeca Coffee in the historic Mayo Hotel at 10am, and will feature some of the structures from the gallery exhibit. Cost per attendee is $10 to benefit the non-profit Tulsa Foundation For Architecture. Children 12 and under are free.
The Tulsa Foundation for Architecture is a resource that recognizes, records, and encourages preservation of the built environment.


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