Tulsa Traffic Ticket Amnesty

city of tulsa

Drivers with unpaid parking tickets in Tulsa can pay the tickets without paying late fees or court costs during the amnesty period which will begin Jan. 17 and end on Feb. 7, 2014.

Holders of unpaid parking tickets can pay with cash or credit card, either at the cashier's windows at City Hall, 175 E. Second Street, or at Tulsa Municipal Courts, 600 Civic Center, second floor.

The amnesty period is only for parking tickets, not for moving violations or other kinds of tickets.

Stepped-up enforcement and collection efforts will begin following the amnesty period for drivers who still have not paid their tickets.

Anyone who believes he or she may have one or more outstanding parking citations, but has misplaced the actual citation or does not know the number, can call (918) 596-7761 for information about outstanding citations. Callers will need to have their vehicle license tag number available for verification.