TulsaWiki: A Repository For Your Local History Research

tulsa wiki

If you have researched a Tulsa and Oklahoma history topic and are looking for a repository for your work or for your resources, the TulsaWiki is a great tool for this purpose. Your TulsaWiki entry may be a useful lead for future researchers and doesn't need to be long or in-depth, unless you want it to be long and in-depth. 

What is a wiki? A wiki is a resource that provides content on a subject or subjects and can be edited by anyone, meaning you have the ability to add, delete or revise the information that is posted. TulsaWiki is a local wiki focusing specifically on our great community. While TulsaWiki is hosted by the Tulsa Library, its content comes from the community. This could include people, places, history, events, weather, politics, and more. 

It's a fairly simple process to sign up and start contributing to the wiki and/or collaborating on local history projects. You can read more about the process here


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