To TV, or not TV?

Ban under-threes from watching television

'The US department of health and human services now specifically cites the reduction of screen time as a health priority, aiming "to increase the proportion of children aged 0 to two years who view no television or videos on an average weekday" and increase the proportion of older children up to 18 who have no more than two hours' screen time a day.'

I have raised the question of whether TV is harmful to kids' reading before on this blog. This is one more thoughtful piece of the discussion from The Guardian, an English newspaper. Still no answers, and there won't be any general answers. Every parent has to think seriously about screen time and their child's development.I don't have any answers either, but I have a lot of research that I can offer. Feel free to ask your local library, and your Family Literacy Sopecialist, if you want more information or just want to work out how you feel about this.

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Michael Sullivan, Family Literacy Specialist

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