Underappreciated Author by Amy

Christopher Moore is one of the most underappreciated authors of our time. I first read Lamb: the Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal. If the title doesn’t offend you, then I highly recommend you read it!

After that I had to see what else he had written. I discovered the world of Tucker Case in The Island of the Sequined Love Nun. Poor Tucker, a geek in a cool guy’s body, finds himself involved in an illegal and just plain odd scheme on a tropical island where at least one fruit bat talks. That led to The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove, introducing me to a delightfully bizarre little town in California named Pine Grove. One of the funniest characters is a woman who was once famous for her Zena like role, now fallen on hard times and heavily medicated. She is the one who discovers the invisible, giant lizard that is disguised as a trailer and whom soon falls deep in lust with her….and the resolution of that physical challenge had me chuckling to myself for weeks!

Stupidest Angel and Stupidest Angel 2.0 (No idea why-they appear to be the same book) also had me laughing for quite awhile—the heartwarming story of Christmas cheer—with brain eating zombies.

My favorite so far, and the one I recommend over and over again to anyone who will listen, is Dirty Job. Charlie Asher is a beta male whose life comes crashing down when his wife dies in childbirth and he is left to raise a daughter on his own. No one will believe him when he claims that he saw a man in the hospital room—a man who took her favorite CD. As the story grows Charlie finds he is one of a number of people who have the gift of collecting souls from the dying or recently dead—souls that reside in an object of great importance to the person. This can be tricky—what do you do if it is the silicon implants that glow with the red of a soul? And what exactly does it mean when two hellhounds show up at your door to play with and protect your precocious daughter? Evil forces living below the city of San Francisco just add to the hilarity.

You Suck and Bloodsucking Fiends are set in that same San Francisco, with some mild crossover characters. Vampires are seen in a new …er…light in these very funny stories. I particularly liked the minions, who were given their own voice in several chapters, adding a great perspective to the story.

His website is good also, www.chrismoore.com. Christopher Moore is not for everyone—his books contain weird sexual situations, somewhat graphic violence, and what some might consider heretical viewpoints. If none of that bothers you, please give him a read!


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