In the wake of the recent hurricanes, wildfires, and earthquakes, I’d like to donate to the recovery efforts. Where can I find information about reputable charities?

When donating money to a charity, you naturally want to choose organizations which will use their funds efficiently and effectively. You also want to avoid fake charities set up to take scam well-intentioned donors. The library has collected a list of resources you can use to investigate the legitimacy of organizations claiming to be charities, as well as how various nonprofit organizations spend the money they receive.

These tools can be found in the Nonprofit Resource Center. This center is a comprehensive collection of tools for creating or managing a nonprofit organization, researching grants and fundraising, or searching for employment through a nonprofit. The guide includes a section on finding charities. You can find a link to these tools on the Research & Learn page of our website, in the Research by Subject box. Once on the Nonprofit Resource Center page, select the gray tab at the top of the page which says ‘Find a Nonprofit’ and you’ll see a list of searchable Charitable Giving Web Resources. 

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