We Speak Children's Here

Childhood is a different country. We've all been there, but like long-ago travel experiences, by the time you are an adult, the sharp details of what it really feels like to be a child start to fade, and you're left with vague memories and faded photo albums.

In "The Importance of Being Little," Erika Christakis is a trusted and energetic travel guide into the country of childhood - explaining why you, as a parent or educator, are so very important in helping them make it safely to the country of adulthood.

A former preschool teacher who went on to become a respected professor in child development at Yale University, Christakis weaves her observations of children at play (their conversations are particularly fascinating) with general principles about a child's emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual lives.

If you are looking for a map to understand your child better, this thoughtful work is a great place to start.

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