Where can I go to find the business hours for the different library locations?

Because many of our libraries are open for different durations, we've posted the hours of operation for each branch on our website. From the homepage, simply select the Locations tab on the far right side of the page. This will give you a full list of the libraries around the county and the business hours for each day of that particular week. To the right of the weekly schedules is also a list of holidays that all libraries will be closed throughout the year. You can also hover over the Locations tab and select the 'Hours Calendar' option to see a full month's worth of business hours for an individual location. The page defaults to the Bixby branch (the first in alphabetical order), but you can select a different location by using the drop down menu above the calendar and clicking 'Apply'.

Please note that all libraries will be on holiday hours during the weeks of Dec. 17th and Dec. 24th.

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