Where Do Poison Frogs Get Their Poison?

Where do poison frogs get their poison? How do spider monkeys discourage intruders? What scientific family do prairie dogs belong to?

If you're using the Brittanica PreK-8 database offered through the library's web site, you could find the answers to these questions* easily.

Sure, you could go to Google, but with the Brittanica database, you know immediately that the information you are getting is accurate and reliable - it comes from the folks who write the encyclopedia, after all.

Spend a little family research time on the Brittanica PreK-8 database and see what other fascinating facts (animal and otherwise) you can find! Go to www.tulsalibrary.org, select "Research & Learn" and then "Alphabetical List of Resources." If you are not at a library computer, you will need to enter your name and library card number.

*Poison frogs get their poison by eating beetles. Spider monkeys break off tree branches and try to drop them on intruders and bark like dogs when approached. Prairie dogs are part of the squirrel family.


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