Summer Reading Program: FREE entertainment!

Tulsa City-County Library's Summer Reading Program begins on May 29! There's a program for every person in your family - babies, children, teens, and adults - to earn great prizes just for reading.

But there's another side of summer reading in Tulsa that is especially great for families looking for summer fun: hundreds of FREE entertainment programs at every one of our 24 library locations throughout the summer!

Do your kids like magicians? We've got 'em!

What about juggling? They will see how to juggle...whatever!

Reading is a Dialogue!

When is reading...MORE than reading? When it's a conversation!

Reading and literacy research supports reading books aloud to children as more than just reading the words on a page. Instead, when parents and educators use reading aloud as an entry point into talking with kids about ideas, experiences, and emotions, literacy development increases...and it can be great fun, to boot!

(You haven't lived until you've listened to a 3-year-old tell you about what you might be able to find in outer space - or an 8-year-old explain his philosophy about animals dreaming.)

The Roots of STEM

By Tori Hamilton, Children's Library Associate, Glenpool Library

Between storytimes, summer reading programs, and the extensive research about bedtime reading routines at home, parents of young children don't have to look far to find support when it comes to instilling a love of reading in their toddlers. 

But what can you to do make sure your children grow up loving science and math as much as they love reading? Here are 6 easy ways to incorporate STEM concepts into fun, everyday activiites.

Moral Issues In: "A Sick Day for Amos McGee"

By Laura Raphael, Children's Services Coordinator