Being a Cormac McCarthy Fanboy by Nick

I think Cormac McCarthy is taking over my life. I kid you not. After a long and heated debate, with myself, I finally convinced myself that Blood Meridian is my new all-time favorite novel. Now to the average casual reader this may not seem like a life altering event. But for me, this momentous declaration becomes as serious as Rob Fleming’s (of High Fidelity) All-Time Top 5 Lists.

Palin Territory by Amy

By strange coincidence (and what coincidence isn’t strange?) I found myself at the height of Sarah Palin’s publicity reading two different fiction novels set in Alaska.

I realized that I have always been a little fascinated by Alaska, the wintry landscape, the sparseness of population. The reputation as a place that those who walk to a slightly different beat might find a home. Northern Exposure fueled my interest as did my sister’s tales of her 6 month AmeriCorps adventure in the wilderness, which included having to shoot her gun in the air to warn off a bear.

My Dirty Little Secret by Rebecca

Jane Austen is my dirty little secret. In feminist theory classes, I read her novels side-by-side with modern Harlequin Romances, and the comparisons are vast. Without fail, there must always be a man, a manor, and a marriage.

The Creepy Side of Emotional Isolation by Nick

In which we discussed the getting in touch with the creepy side of emotional isolation, the K-Mart Realists, and Haruki Murakami

Twilight: Harry Potter it ain't! by Peter

I’m not really sure what I was thinking. A 32 year old guy picking up a teen romance.