Learning a Lesson from The Great Gatsby by Amy

Most people believe that librarians have read, and like, all the great classics. Once I was helping a young woman choose an item from a high school generated list. Her choice was whatever was the shortest. Her mother wanted her to choose a really good book. As we went down the list I was questioned about every title. “How long is it?” the student wanted to know. “Will she like it? What’s it about?” asked her mother.

The Genius Yet Redundancy of Chuck Palahniuk, Legions of Insta-Anarchists, and the Novel Too Provocative for Hollywood by Nick

‘Dude, Fight Club totally ruled.’

No doubt you overheard this direct quote, possibly dozens of times if you saw the Chuck Palahniuk adaptation in theatres. I didn’t see it in theatres, and I heard it about 30 times more than I wished.

Freak Lit by Christina

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines ‘freak’ as one that is markedly unusual or abnormal, a person or animal having a physical oddity. That being said, I love me some ‘Freak Lit’! I gobble up stories about people on the fringes of society, people who have been cast out as inferior. These books humanize freaks; they force you to identify with them and examine your own life and identity. I love the intricacies of their stories; the intimate details of their inner lives, and the beauty that is found in the grotesque (Hmm. I think I just figured out why I like reality television so much.

Loving/Hating Postmodernism by Nick

Oh, fickle, fickle beast. Why can you not be satisfied with one discipline, with working within a single genre at a time? You mash genres together like Girl Talk mashes songs. Your manifestations are ubiquitous, pervading our culture, our landscape, and our.... uh, cultural landscape.

Woman of Taste by Cara

Woman of Taste By Cara Sure, I enjoy reading as much as the next library rat. But after a long, hard day of shushing people and fussing over index cards, I don’t really feel like flopping down with War and Peace. You know? I do want to read something edifying, but with my limited free time, I need it to really speak to me. Something both practical and soul-satisfying. What I want to read is… cookbooks.