Interview with a Vampire-Lover, or Unrealistic Expectations by Kristen

I am a 30-year-old woman in love with a teenage vampire. This is not a “National Inquirer” headline. I am embarrassed, but I do not attempt to keep this fascination under wraps. I am in literary lust with Edward Cullen, the hero/antihero of Stephanie Meyer’s “Twilight” quartet. I thought I would never say this but Edward Cullen makes me want to be 17 again.

Hornby's Boy-Men by Nick

In which we discussed how to irk the roommate, those bothersome boy-men, and a laugh out-loud memoir.

Jamaica Kincaid, Benny Hill, the Inevitability of Death, and Me by Laura

Much to my doom-and-gloom-loving husband’s chagrin, I am generally a happy person. You know what I mean: I have to be dragged to many Oscar-buzz movies, most of which seem to be set in concentration camps or their equivalent. (I prefer the crazy antics of Will Ferrell and anything with the words “hilarity ensues” in the plot description.) You can often find me whistling while I work. I think those “I Haz Cheezburger” cats are cute. Et cetera.

But recently I’ve been looking on the dark side of life… and it’s all Jamaica Kincaid’s fault.

Unrealiable Narrators in the Postmodern Novel by Nick

In which we discussed those tricky unreliable narrators, Galchen’s Atmospheric Disturbances, and masculinity as a flaw in my favorite movies.

Ignore Your Uncle by Christina

I have this one quirky uncle, a Trivial Pursuit kind of guy. When I was a kid he''d make me nervous by endlessly quizzing me on state capitals, our presidents, the order of the planets, or whatever he felt like I should know. He keeps up to date with current events, watches all of the movies up for Best Picture before the Oscars air, and by the end of April has already read the Pulitzer Prize winner for fiction. He''s got them all neatly lined up in perfect chronological order in a beautiful glass bookcase. And no, he''s not a librarian.