On Reading by Biafra Denmark

People always ask me why I like to read so much. It’s like asking me why I like to breathe. It’s something I can’t live without. The first book I ever read was called PUG. I was in the first grade and I remember that my immediate thought was, I wish I’d known how to do this sooner. I haven’t stopped since. Without a book I feel naked. When I have a book in my hand I know I hold someone’s heart, someone’s dreams, and someone’s life. I know someone sat and wrote and gave me their gift. I know someone has allowed their story to be told.

October is Family History Month! Where can I go to learn more about my family tree?

The library’s Genealogy Center is a great place to look for information about your family history. This collection offers a variety of databases, records, census data, and more to help you track down the people and places of your family’s past. The Genealogy Center is currently located at the Hardesty Library, and there are also a number of online resources that you can access at home with your library card.

New Integrated Health Clinic Planned for Downtown.

The University of Tulsa's Oxley College of Health Sciences will open this coming January  in its new home downtown at 12th and Boulder, TU announced last week.  The first floor will include a walk-in clinic, serving medical, mental health, and legal needs. The College of Law will provide the legal clinic while the Oxley College will offer primary care, exercise, wellness, and behavioral health help.

Workforce Tulsa Weekly Job Openings Update




Bilingual Customer Service


o   Pay starting at $11.50/hr and up (full-time)

o   Weekends off

o   No call center experience needed

o   Paid training

o   Must be Bilingual


Bus Drivers

o   $11.00/hr. and up (DOE-depends on experience)

o   No experience required

o   Paid Training (CDL-B)

o   Weekends off


Call Center

In Defense of Slow Reading by Cindy Hulsey

I often lament the fact that I don’t read faster. I envy my friends who plow through books because they inevitably read more books than I do. However, in a world where everything happens at the speed of light, I would like to say a few words in defense of slow reading.