All American: book review of "Blue Sky White Stars"

By Melody Palmer, Youth Librarian, South Broken Arrow Library

What does an American look like? Where does an American come from? Pretty much everywhere! In "Blue Sky White Stars" - written by Sarvinder Naberhaus and illustrated by Kadir Nelson - explores this patriotic message in a way that both blue state and red state voters will find inspiring.

Yes, your baby can participate in National Novel Writing Month, too!

By Tori Hamilton, Children's Associate, Glenpool Library

Every November marks the return of National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, a community movement that offers support and encouragement to aspiring writers as they work to churn out a manuscript in 30 days.

New In The Digital Collections: October 2017 Update





In October 2017, TCCL uploaded 109 items into the Digital Collections. There are now approximately 37,357 items in the Digital Collections. Additions include: 


Draw-ing Children into Reading: Art as a Doorway to Literature

Hannah E. Harrison @ Hardesty Regional Library on Nov. 3 for "Books To Treasure" 

It's a truth universally forgotten by adults that learning how to read is hard. Because it's easy for us to do NOW, we don't remember how hard it was to learn THEN.

In fact, learning to read is the hardest cognitive task (or, rather, a complex, interconnected web of many different tasks) we ask kids to do - in a relatively short amount of time.

The Plus Side of Making Mistakes

"The Book of Mistakes" by Corinna Luyken - reviewed by Melody Palmer, Youth Librarian, South Broken Arrow Library

Are mistakes bad? How can mistakes turn into something lovely?