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Singing the "I Can't Sing!" blues

By Julia Cantrell, Children's Library Associate, Hardesty Regional Library

So, are you ready to turn your life into a musical yet?


Let me guess... You can't sing? You don't know songs?

Hm. Let's talk about your various concerns, and my totally reasonable explanations of why you are wrong.

Concern #1: Uh, sing? No. I do not sing.  Have you ever heard a koala bellow? That is what I sound like. (Side note: Reader, if you haven't heard a koala before, please look that up. It. Is. Shocking.)

Singing PLUS: Why singing super-charges any learning activity

By Julia Cantrell, Children's Library Associate, Hardesty Regional Library

What makes music such a good early literacy activity is that you can combine it with pretty much all of the other Build A Reader activities to get a super-charged learning activity with very little effort. Let's come up with some combinations:

Singing plus talking: Singing is another way to bring in those 30,000 words that science says babies need to hear daily. It is also a fun way to help build their vocabulary.

What does music have to do with reading? Everything!

By Julia Cantrell, Children's Library Associate, Hardesty Regional Library

Music, man! It's where it's at when it comes to helping your baby and young child become a reader when they are older. In fact, music and singing are so important, the Tulsa City-County Library makes sure it's included in every single one of our weekly storytimes. 

Our future avid readers have to start somewhere, and that somewhere is in Slowly Town. It is slow there.

Love it AND List it! The Benefits of a Reading Log for Kids

By Tori Hamilton, Children's Library Associate, Glenpool Library

Are you one of those avid readers who keeps a carefully curated reading log on GoodReads, LibraryThing, or the library's own Bibliocommons? Maybe you enjoy hearing about new books and adding them to your "Want to Read" list, or you get a secret thrill from marking yet another title as "completed." Such are the simple joys of a lifelong reader! 

But do you keep track of which books you've read to your children? If not, now might be the time to start.

Books Librarians LOVE

*A longer version of this article was published in the February 2018 issue of Tulsa Kids magazine.

Librarians love books. (Big surprise!)

Children's librarians, in particular, love picture books - and we are very fond of sharing them with children and parents.

For your Valentine's Day pleasure, here are 5 books that Tulsa City-County Library children's staff loved last year...

How Long Is A Whale? written and illustrated by Alison Limentani