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TCCL’s Career and Job Resources Blog moved on July 3rd!  TCCL launched a totally brand new site on Tuesday, July 3rd.  The launch includes a brand new blogging experience as well.

You can find the new blog at (going live July 3).

If you want to add the new blog to your RSS feeds, the new address will be (the link won’t work until July 3rd).

Hope you follow us over!



Evelyn, I've removed your phone number from the post, because our blogs aren't meant to contain customers' personal contact information.

We do hope you'll visit one of our Job Labs, and we can help you find new ways to search for work and reach out to potential employers.  The next Job Lab is at Central Library, Dec 13, 2-:30pm.  Martin Regional Library will have another Job Lab Monday, Dec 17, 9-11 a.m.

You can find more information on job searching on our guide here:

I am a hard worker and need a job. Thank you .

At the moment, there aren't any jobs posted, but we have had one or two up recently. I did check with our Human Resources department to make sure there isn't anything open right now.  Jobs are sometimes only posted for a week or so.  If you still notice this the next time you check, perhaps in a week or two, give us a call at the AskUs Hotline so that we can double check. 

When I finally get to the Current Job Openings, page it is completely blank. There aren't any positions listed. Has been this way for a while.

It's still a difficult job market for everyone, but especially for those with felonies or other trouble spots in their past.  Here are some books that I recommend:

Job Hunting Tips for People with Hot and Not-so-hot Backgrounds,

The Ex-offender's Job Hunting Guide: 10 Steps to A New Life in the Work World,

Also, here are a few websites for local organizations:

I need to locate information on find a job and career paths for convicted felon's in Tulsa oklahoma.

Good question! You can find out about jobs available at our library by clicking "About" at the top of any of our web pages, then click "Jobs @ TCCL". Then click Current Openings

Where is the page for library job openings?

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