Pig or Big? Tips for Letter or Word Inversions and Reversals

Page in a book

Many learners struggle to discriminate between similar letters and words.  They may demonstrate reversals or inversions while reading.  Observe which letters and words with which your learner struggles and create the following activity to help improve visual discrimination:  

Ask the learner to circle the words that are the same.  Note: the word choices may be "nonsense" words.  

Examples: herb    herp    herd    herb    nerb    pig    big    pid    pip    pin    was    maw    saw    was    mas

If your learner consistently struggles to discriminate between similar letters such as b and d or p and b, use color to differentiate.  Explain that you have highlighted all the d's in yellow and all the b's in pink.  This provides an additional visual cue to the learner.  It also gives the learner an opportunity to self correct, rather than relying solely on the tutor.  

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Thanks for the suggestions for dealing with dyslexia and dyslexic-like symptoms but for getting help that gets to the root of the learning difficulty may I suggest contacting your local dyslexia providers Ashley Grice and Patti Godwin. You can find more information at www.dyslexia.com/us_map.htm. Thanks.