My daughter wants to do a science fair project on earthquakes. Where can she find some help on putting together an experiment?

The ancient Greeks thought earthquakes occurred when the god Atlas shifted the weight of the world from one shoulder to the other. Today we take a more scientific approach to explaining them.

To find more information about earthquakes, including options for a student's science experiment, start by accessing the Science in Context database. To search for the subject of earthquakes, click on the Topics link and browse by the topic Science Fair Projects and Experiments. From this page you can see an overview of information including Featured Content, Experiments, articles from magazines, additional references and more. There is an option to “search within page” allowing you to type in the word Earthquakes and search for projects on that subject. You can also access the Experiments section on the main database screen near the search bar. Click on the Experiments link which changes the search to “Search experiments”. You could then enter the word “Earthquakes” and pull up the main page on earthquakes. There are images, videos, web site links, statistics and other great resources.

The Science in Context database can be found in the alphabetical Databases section of the Research & Learn page, and can be accessed from home or at the library.



Hi Kayla,

It looks like the Science in Context database has changed its layout a bit since that original blog post went up last year, so the route to finding the earthquake experiments is a little different. When you access the database, click on the 'Browse Topics' link at the top of the page, then scroll through the alphabetical list and select Earthquakes.

Once you're on the Earthquakes page, you can learn more about earthquakes in the top section of the page (click the 'View More' link to see the full article). If you scroll down the page, you'll also find a category labeled 'Experiments'. That link will take you to a page that includes a couple of projects you might like to try out for a science fair.


I am looking for an experiment and I can't even find one!!!!!
Please help me if you can find an experiment!!!
PS: If you find a experiment it is for my science fair!!!!
Thank You

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