Tulsa World Feature on Genealogy Center Move

Thank you to the Tulsa World for sharing information about the Genealogy Center's relocation.


I have concerns about potential theft of genealogy books with the library moving and having open stacks. The materials are safe at the current location. In the past I had tried to get a certain genealogy book but it was stolen from so many libraries in the United States and Canada that I could not borrow it from a libraray. Finally, after 20 years of searching, I was able to buy the book for $100 through Abe's Books. There is plenty of room at the genealogy library with much material on-line. There is only a need for larger space for periodic events and having the events at Hardesty seems to work fine. If I had a vote, I would vote for remaining at the genealogy library at Harvard.

Thank you for sharing your concerns about the security of the genealogy collection materials. I did respond to your email via AskUs yesterday morning on this topic. All our libraries take precautions to secure our materials. We are excited that this genealogy resource can now be used 27 additional hours per week, has the potential for long term expansion, and the programming events will take place where the collection resources are located.

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