Central Library Has Closed

Central Library closed Aug. 30 to undergo an exciting two-year renovation project.

All collections from Central, as well as most staff and departments will move to the Annex, a temporary storage and administrative facility near 41st and Sheridan.

During the renovation of Central Library, customers can enjoy continued service with select programs and events, collections and other services at Librarium. This is a temporary facility to maintain service in the downtown area for our customers. Librarium is located at 1110 S. Denver Avenue and opens Sept. 3.

As always, we will continue providing our normal services online via text, IM, email and telephone.

More information about Central Library’s renovation is available on our Central Library Renovation blog.

Thank you.


I visited the temporary library & I wasn't impressed. The security guards were very nice but there weren't many books to choose from. I do think it is meeting a need for the homeless, every computer was being used. I have an iPhone, kindle, & lap top & love the Internet but I think this looks more like an Internet cafe than a library. If this is what the new library is going to be like you have lost my vote of support:(

Jim, thank you! I think you'll really enjoy librarium -- it's a great sneak-peek of furnishings, shelving and more that you'll see at Central Library after the renovation.

I'll be visiting The Librarium this week. Thanks for providing a temporary home for all of us Central Library users.

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