New In The Digital Collections: 1950s and 1960s Aerial Photographs Of Tulsa

aerial map of arkansas river pedestrian bridge, blair mansion property, riverside, and 31st street

We've added a collection of 1950s and 1960s USGS aerial maps of Tulsa County to our Maps digital collection.  The maps provide information about Tulsa's changing landscape. For instance, the Blair mansion property (changing to A Gathering Place soon), Arkansas River pedestrian bridge, and 31st Street are pictured left (click here for a larger image) minus parking lots.

The ability to zoom in with any clarity and the time it takes to load a larger file is a balancing act. With the aerial maps, we chose clarity over load time. As a result, the images are largish and may not automatically load depending on the browser/device. You may need to click on “download” to retrieve the image, and it may take a bit to load.

We didn’t have a clever way to name 174 aerial maps in a distinct manner so they all have the same title, but you will find that the descriptions list the Townships, Ranges, and sections covered by each map. The search page is configured in a grid view, so unless you change the default view, the description will be shown on the browse/search page

Because the maps are described using Township/Range/section, you might want to search by Township and Range and then browse the descriptions for the appropriate section (For example, search using "19N" and "12E." The Tulsa County Assessor provides online access to Tulsa County maps that will assist with area identification:

Finally, the maps have been rotated to face north (if we missed a rotation, please let us know), but this rotation means that a photograph's edge markings may appear upside down or sideways. 


I was amazed that at 1950's to 1960's there's an aerial photographed in Tulsa! But today,it is really possible and easy to have an aerial photograph by using any device to make it possible, the best example is the UAVs or drones. Drones nowadays is used to take pictures (aerial) and can do aerial mapping too on which it will help you create a map of a specific place. By attaching cameras at drone, we can create a quality photo of Tulsa county with an astounding view of the place. Kudos to this photo! God bless!

Fervil - Precision Mapper

You're welcome! I will be looking up all the other Tulsa drive-in theaters shortly.

We're thrilled to see the maps used to supplement the content on your Tulsa area drive-in theaters blog post! Thanks for letting us know and for sharing the collection with your audience.

Found an old drive-in near N. Memorial and Hwy 20 that was only 1 year old in 1954. See it and some history about it here:

tulsatvmemories dot com slash aida dot html#cardinal

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