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Hi Kevin,

If you're based in Tulsa, I'd recommend getting in touch with other local job placement groups such as Tulsa Job Corps Center and Employment Resources. You can find other similar programs through our Tulsa Organizations and Services database by searching. These organizations may be willing to collaborate on projects or recommend additional resources.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions!



Hi! My name is Kevin Robbins and I'm the president of LifeSkills101, Inc. LifeSkills101, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that will provide individuals with the resources and tools needed for job preparation, personal finance, and resource listings and contacts. We are looking to serve all individuals, including veterans, handicap, and general public with an emphasis on young minority men ages 19-29. We are looking to build a good base with other local nonprofits, donors, volunteers, and other networks. We will appreciate any and all information on guidance for these steps.

Thank you!
Kevin T. Robbins

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