Job Help, Face to Face

Job Lab

Do you need help with your resume? Would you like to work with a real, live person to learn new ways to search for jobs? If you're a job seeker, the library is here for you!

We offer Job Labs at three locations: Collinsville Library, Martin Regional Library, and Rudisill Library. Whether you need to write a cover letter, look for job openings, or use a library resource to update your computer skills, you can work directly with a library staff person.

You can find upcoming dates and more information about our career and job services here: .

Find out about our upcoming events for all kinds of interests here: .



Wow I think its amazing that you guys do things like that...a lot of kids don't have parents that have time to help there kids that is sooo nice of you guys to have people who are willing to help.... ;)

Good steady commitment needed. Thank you for any response.

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