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Reference USA now offers a Jobs module to help job seekers. With it, you can search for jobs by type, company, and location. You can even use the Reference USA mapping tool to limit openings to a specific geographic area.

Try it now! Get your Tulsa library card and click Reference USA (or go to our full database list at and click Reference USA). Under "Available Databases," choose "NEW! U.S. Jobs/Internships."


Hi, Barry,

Thank you for your comment. I've removed your contact information because this isn't a place to post for positions wanted, and we don't want you getting unwanted phone calls from having your phone number on a public website.

You can use our Reference USA tool described above to help you search for jobs. If you need assistance, let any of us at a library know.


I am looking for part time temp job I am 21 years of age I can lift over 50 pounds and I have a good positive attitude.

im 15 and need a job

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