Does the library have meeting rooms available for reservation?

Yes, each library in Tulsa County has as least one meeting room that is available for reservation by groups and organizations. Certain rules and policies apply in order to reserve a room. These can found in the Meeting Rooms link on the library's About page

Each library takes care of their own meeting room bookings and schedules. If you'd like to reserve a room, please contact your local branch. Check out the Locations page for a list of phone numbers for the individual locations.


Hello Megan,

Our policy states that library meeting rooms may not be used for private social gatherings (such as parties or showers), so unfortunately, we will not be able to provide a room for this purpose. However, our Tulsa Organization and Services database does have a list of several venues in the area that provide meeting facilities. Here's a link to the list, if you would like to look a suitable location.

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Does Hardesty Library offer meeting rooms for baby showers?

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