April Means It’s Time to Play… The Game of Thrones! (Part Three)

Part One: The books: A Song of Ice & Fire

Part Two: The show: Game of Thrones

This time: Part Three: Further Reading

So, we’ve talked about the books.  We’ve talked about the show.  Now it’s time to talk about all the other Song of Ice & Fire goodies out there!

A Game of Thrones: Graphic Novels by Daniel Abraham: That’s right!  There are comic book versions of the Song of Ice & Fire series available at the library in graphic novel format!

The Ice Dragon by George R. R. Martin:  This story predates Martin’s writing of the Song of Ice & Fire saga, but takes place in the same world.  It was originally published in 1980, and was recently reprinted in 2014.  This light chapter book, about a girl who befriends an Ice Dragon, can be found in the Juvenile and Tween fiction sections in the library.  You can also read more about Ice Dragons in the next recommendation below.

The World of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin, Elio M. García, Jr. and Linda Antonsson: The world that the Song of Ice & Fire saga is set in is a vast and mysterious place!  This (fictional) history book, written as a gift for the current ruler of Westeros from the writer/narrator Maester Yandel, can help you to better understand that world too.  The book discusses the known history of Westeros, from ancient history to the present, as well as the histories of other continents, or as much as Yandel and the other Maesters of the Citadel have studied over the centuries.  Much of the history will sound at least somewhat familiar to avid readers, as Martin has always been good about peppering his books with backstory and history, but there is still plenty to be learned!  There are gorgeous maps and artwork of cities and people, and for this reason I would actually advise against the audio version of this book (don’t miss out on the art)!  This is a LARGE and HEAVY tome—not the kind of book you can comfortably sit down with for long periods of time (No joke: I sprained my left thumb during my last reading session with this book—my kitchen scale said it’s 3.5lbs!), so expect this one to take a long time to read.  It’s well worth your time though!

The Dunk and Egg prequels:  The Dunk and Egg prequels are novellas that take place about 100 years before the events of A Game of Thrones, but they’re close enough in time to make the characters and their challenges relatable to the larger story down the road we’re more familiar with.  Dunk is short for Sir Duncan the Tall, who is a newly-made knight who wants to wander the roads to offer his aid where necessary, like fabled knights of yore.  Dunk’s squire is Egg; a kid.  He’s no ordinary kid though.  Egg is short for Aegon, as in Aegon V Targaryen, of the ruling dynastic family (he’s also called Egg because he’s bald, since he has to shave his distinctive Targ hair to hide his true identity so the pair can travel anonymously).  I like how the reader gets to see Egg’s humble upbringing with Dunk during their wanderings, all the while knowing just who Dunk and Egg eventually become as adults...

The Dunk and Egg novellas were originally published in these fantasy anthologies:

·        The Hedge Knight: published in Legends (1998)

·        The Sworn Sword: published in Legends II (2003)

·        The Mystery Knight: published in Warriors (2010)

Some of these anthologies have become hard to find over time.  That said, thankfully last year Martin had them reprinted and published together in a single volume called A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

If you want to save some time, some of the Dunk and Egg stories have even been developed into graphic novels.

Martin has talked about other Dunk and Egg stories to come, so be on the lookout for more!

All of the above can be found either in the TCCL collection, or through our loan service Mobius, and are available for checkout!  Now you can arm yourself with tons of extra knowledge about George R. R. Martin’s epic fantasy world, and upgrade your status from mere fan to SUPER GEEK!  Happy April folks!


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