New In The Digital Collections: Renberg's Vertical File

The content of the Library's Renberg's vertical file is now available online.  According to a Tulsa Tribune article, Renberg's was founded in 1913 by Sam Renberg, who had immigrated in 1899 to the United States as a 14-year-old boy from Delmenhorst, Germany. 

Due to copyright concerns, some digitized items from our vertical files have been restricted to in-house use. Please contact us for more information on restricted items.


Thank you, Billy Harmon, for sharing your Renberg's story. 

I lost my parents in 1989. My father struggled for years with emphysema and only one lung. My parents passed a month apart, they were one of those loves that could not be without the others. Growing up we did not have much, but I always remembered the over coat my father wore. It was an original from Renbergs. For many years I thought I had lost it. But today as I was going through some things I found it. It was one four cloth overcoats that all four brothers has. This is the only one left and it is from 1947-48 from Renbergs. It is still in almost perfect condition.

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